Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

WIP Wednesday – just a little progress


2014-07-22 11.39.29

Who doesnt love a child like this? Happily laying out all of mommys scraps and squealing “fabric, fabric” the whole time. Enya was just the cutest. She really loves to play with my fabric.


2014-07-23 11.21.02

I totally love to make these cute key fobs out of my scraps. They are wonderful gifts. These above will be gifts for my sister and my mom. There will be a tutorial for them in the near future – I promise.


2014-07-23 11.46.06

Secret Project - Finally my solids for a secret project arrived. First time using Bella Solids and Im already excited, they are so soft.


But I already run into the first problem, typical me, its right now 4 1/4” (1/4” too short) x 10” (perfect lenght). And I really dont know why. I measured everything in EQ7. So no work for me, and I thought no math problems, but here I sit now and dont know how to fix this. Maybe anyone of you knows a tutorial for this, or has any tips for me pls.


2014-07-22 11.03.45

Home Sweet Home – Designed some cute houses in a street, and already started it. Already a bit further, but havent taken another picture yet.

Caravan Pillow–- just finished the paper piecing on my caravan, but now it has to wait till I get my machine back and then I will turn it into a cute pillow for my dad.

Double Bed Quilt ––- waiting for fabric to arrive

Every Which Way Pillow #2 - finished, just need to take some pictures

Friendshipstar Quilt - is finished (just need to photograph it)

Starsurround QAL - cushion top finished, need to sew it together

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– started Mai block         

Plus Quilt -– did a few more blocks, but still a lot to do

Kira –- still missing 1 arm and the baby



Completed projects – 2

New projects – 2

Currently in progress – 9

Total finishes – 13

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Summer holidays have now started for us too, officially 3 weeks ago, but Kindergarten has a holiday program and now 3 weeks off until it starts again. Sadly I totally forgot to take a picture at the beginning of this kindergarten year from Amelie, but I took some yesterday with my kids, and they turned out really cute. 

I looked up Amelies first Kindergarten pictures, and she was just the cutest, totally have to share. And Im totally happy that I finally can take beautiful pics of my oldest daughter again. It was really hard the last month to get a smiling picture, most time it was a horrible fake grin, like a monster, lol. But now she seems comfortable again, to get photographed everyday. 

5th September 2012                                                        18th July 2014

Some more pictures I took yesterday of my girls. Enya is already so big, she will start kindergarten in september too. Time is flying too fast. 

A few more pictures of our week:

Wish you all a nice sunny weekend.

Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Happy Mail Day – Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Received


2014-07-18 10.19.17

I was so excited when I heard the postman ring, headed immediately to the door, of course followed by little feets like always. And then it was here, my “Schnitzel & Boo Miniquilt. My partner was Fairly Merry and I totally love my package. I got so much more than I was expecting. Just incredible. Thank you so much Mary.

 2014-07-18 09.46.02

2014-07-18 09.50.40

First Time I got Bella Solids and Washi Tape (yes shame on me I know), cant wait to try them. And Im so in love with the wonderful scooter fabric. Lovely Aurifil in great colors too, I just have black, grey, and white in my stash, so these will be well treasured.

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

WIP Wednesday – Cuteness Overload (long post)


Last week I was busy introducing myself for the 2014 New Bloggers Blog Hop, so I skipped WIP Wednesday, but this week Im back. A little bit more to show this week, if you dont mind.

I have a question, maybe there are some cross stitchers out there. I drafted a cross stitch design, also found some programs, to do it with. But I would need a program, that can save my chart as a .jpg or .pdf and until now I havent found one. So maybe you could recommend me one please.


Our Little Miss Ida is already 9 month old, can crawl perfectly and so damn fast lol, pulls herself up everywhere, and wants to walk the whole time with mommy - so not long and she will be everywhere.


2014-07-12 10.58.572014-07-06 18.46.34

With a really sad heart I had to bring my sewing machine back to the shop, coz of horrible tension issues, they sent her immediately to service, and now the horrible long waiting time begins. maybe 3 weeks, and then Im on vacation, so this is quite long for me. Luckily, my grandma gave me a few month ago her 12 year old brother sewing machine, she never really used it, and she works perfectly. So Im sewing on her right now, just have to wait with my free-motion-quilting projects. But the rest is just fine on her.

Happy Mail:

2014-07-09 09.25.40

I totally love happy mail days, like you already know, and this was one of the best ones. Love to design in EQ7 still a lot to learn, but Im getting there.



Released yesterday my new mini quilt pattern on craftsy - free for you all. You can read more about it, in this post.


2014-07-05 10.22.33

They are already well used since 2 weeks, and we both love to sleep on our new pillow cases, they are totally soft.



2014-07-12 08.26.21

Plus Quilt - Since a really long time I want to make a plus quilt. So I pulled out the bright and happy Hothouse Flowers Bundle by Mo Bedell, and I will do a plus quilt for my little daugther. Still need to cut a ton more white solids.


2014-07-13 15.51.39

Sweet Tooth - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery released another cute little pattern, and I just had to grab it, hope to make it into a little pouch or wall hanging – havent decided yet.


2014-07-13 12.22.45

Kira - Got a bit more done on my “Kira – the kangaroo” Doll, and found the perfect wooden yarn bowl at IKEA. I just love such decoration stuff.

2014-07-11 15.51.06

Caravan Pillow–- just finished the paper piecing on my caravan, but now it has to wait till I get my machine back and then I will turn it into a cute pillow for my dad.

Double Bed Quilt ––- still on the waiting list

Every Which Way Pillow #2 - finished, just need to take some pictures

Friendshipstar Quilt - is finished (just need to photograph it)

Starsurround QAL - cushion top finished, need to sew it together

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– started Mai block     



Completed projects – 2

New projects – 2

Currently in progress – 9

Total finishes – 13



Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Le Challenge #14 - Reveal



It’s my first time participating in this “Le Challenge”, and this month theme was “small”. And something small I really love to do, is paper piecing, So I want to join in the fun, with my lates pouch, I finished 2 weeks ago.

2014-06-27 12.20.45

The inside is made with Lottie Da” by Heathery Bailey and ouside is mostly Hothouse Flowers by Mo Bedell.

Pouch Pattern after a tutorial by Noodlehead

Flower pattern by Charise Creations

2014-06-26 20.06.38

“Whirlwind” a free craftsy pattern


I’m sure some of you know that I participated in the “Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap” some weeks ago. And I can finally reveal what I designed for my partner Tara in Australia. And sadly Im still waiting to get a mini quilt for myself, Im already stalking my postbox. *g*

I designed this flying geese pattern for Tara, coz she loves everything modern and a ton Tula Pink of course *g* And then I thought I just could make you all happy. So I decided to make this “Whirlwind” pattern free for you all.

You can find it here on craftsy.


And here a picture what my finished goodies for Tara looked like.

2014-06-11 06.55.34

Hope you all like it, and I always love to see your creations. Share your finished quilt with me and other quilters. Just share pictures of your finished quilt on instagram with the following hashtag: #cpwhirlwind or #piecedwithlovexoxo

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

2014 New Blogger Blog Hop


I’m totally happy to participate this year in the 2014 New Blogger Blog Hop, hosted by Plum and June. 

For those that are new to my blog, I want to tell you a bit about myself: My name is Cornelia, I’m 26 years old and live my husband and our 3 little daughters (Amelie 5, Enya 2 & Ida 9 month) in Austria, one hour away from Vienna. I got married on 31st May this year. I love to be creative, is it sewing, cross stitching or crocheting. I just love to work on something.

On my blog I love to show my current projects I’m working on, a few WIPs that got lost on the track, new fabrics that arrive in my home. And of course I tiny climpse into my wonderful family and our life.


My first quilting experience started back when I was about 14 years old, I found a quilting and patchwork book in my moms stash and started cutting some old (and really ugly fabrics) by hand just with a scissor and made a simple pillow with rectangles. No seams where matching, I didnt know anything about seam allowances, it was just a horrible piece to look at and I was really frustrated about the whole thing. So I stopped it for several years.

Then in 2009 when my oldest daughter was about half a year old I came across quilting again, this time online. And thought I try it again. This time it lasted until my first ever quilt. Not proud of it and completely wonky, but its since this date our picnic quilt. I took a little break until i found a really cute fabric shop (over here its quite hard to find anything local, there are nothing like quilt shops out there) and there I purchased fabric for my very own quilt. I just finished this quilt a few weeks ago. And at this time I got hooked,

I totally love the whole quilting process, its so calming and relaxing. When I sew or quilt, there are mostly my little girls around me, playing on the floor in the living room, or trying to help me with pins. Rarely I listen to music, most of the time, its just me and my sewing machine.

At the beginning of my I released my first ever quilt pattern on craftsy and more will soon come. I love to design and sketch out my ideas in my notebook.

I want to show you some of my favorite projects, I made over the last years. First is my oldest daughters quilt, it was my first big quilt I finished. And its completely handquilted with really tiny loops and swirls.


My oldest daugher Amelie got this year another quilt, this time a bit bigger to fit on her whole bed. I designed the pattern myself and made the quilt with the lovely “Lottie Da” collection by Heather Bailey.


My middle daughter requested a quilt for herself too, so I started sketching out what came to my mind. And it ended up with 1/3 triangles, the middle panel, totally improve blocks and the right panel with paper piecing arrow and broken herring bone blocks.


And I totally love to make small projects like pillows, baby quilts and pouches.


Thank you for taking a look at my work and if you want you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook too.


Blogging Tip:

Everyone loves to see what you are working on, and you want to show the best of your work of course. I love bright and colorful pictures and when I photograph my projects, I make a little setup in my living room. Coz in here its mostly dark, with no direct light nothing, not the best place to photograph, and there isnt always time to carry my things outside. So I put one or two stools side by side, put my white blanket over them and place my projects on it. Move your stools in front of the window to get some lights on them. Make some whole project shots and of course some close-ups, we all love to see the details. But please dont use your flash!

Quitling Tip:

One year ago I bought my free-motion-foot, I loved all the wonderful quilting I found online and on pinterest and thougt I can do this too. Yeah, not really. At least not at the beginning, it just looked horrible. So I bought some books, started doodling and sketching my quilting on plain white paper and of course quilted and quilted, to get the hang out of it. You just need to keep on, never stop trying it. And now a few month later, I can say I like what I quilt, its not yet perfect (Im sure it never will be), but I dont mind, I improved a lot and Im really proud of this.

And now just a few random stuff about me:

* I can’t sit still on, I always have to move, also in bed before falling asleep, I try to get the best sleeping position ever. (It never works, I just crawl around lol) and it totally drives my husband nuts.

* Every night about 10 pm I have my crazy 5 minutes. My husband just says, oh its past 10, all clear.

* I love to collect postcards, I keep them all in a big box. We have a map pinned on our wall, and there we put little flags on all the cities, we got postcards already.

* I always hated pink and green, but funny is, that since we moved here 3 years ago, I immediately agreed to paint my living room in a light green, and I love it. And with 3 little girls around, pink is now a normal thing in my life. Its just everywhere and I also use it now a lot in my quilts. What is your favorite/most used color in your projects?


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~ Greetings Cornelia